Website Design and Development for Small Business Websites


Local Prospects is a website design company that specializes in helping the small business owner. We can create and customize a website design that is tailored to the services you provide. Because your website design is a direct reflection of your business, taking shortcuts can be a costly mistake.

While there are many different options available for ‘build your own website design’, the do-it-yourself approach could end up with a website that is no more than a large business card on the internet.

If you want a website design that will not only represent your company professionally but will also increase your customer base, then our web development and website design services can help.

As an experienced web designer company, we can offer our clients:

  • Website design options
  • Custom web designs
  • Content writing
  • SEO for all website content
  • Expandable website design for continuing build out
  • Mobile website design options

Web Development and SEO to Improve Search Engine Ranking


Our web development services go far beyond creating the perfect website for you. As an experienced web designer, we also make sure that effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is included with each web development project.

In addition to using proven SEO tools to increase your search engine ranking, our web development process also includes other strategies and techniques to drive potential customers to your website.

Our main goal is to use our web development experience to grow your small business. A great website design, SEO on all website content and a mobile responsive website is a good start. With a variety of other web development services, growing your customer base and expanding your business may be easier than you ever imagined.

  • Email marketing
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
  • Content build out
  • Localized content
  • Referral lead generation
  • Blogs and social media

Web Designer and Website Management Services


As an experienced web designer, we know that our clients are concerned about their new website design expense. This is why we encourage you to think of a new SEO rich website design as an asset, not an expense.

With our web designer and website management skills, your new asset will work for you for as long as you own the business. As a web designer, we can create your content (with your final approval), provide and design a website with full SEO, update your website design for new services or increased service areas, as well as provide on-going website management services.

Don’t trust your web development to just any web designer. We can help you get the services you provide in the hands of the customers who want them.

Web development is a skill. If you want more customers for your business, we can help. Call Local Prospects today. 480-376-8277