PPC - What it Means and How it Can Help Your Business


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a method to generate traffic to your website through advertising, most notably on Google using Google Adwords.

PPC website advertising is an important component of any web marketing plan. PPC website advertising allows you to bid on specific key words that are likely to drive quality traffic (leads) to your website. PPC website advertising can have a high ROI (return on investment) for some industries and not for others (for those SEO is your best bet) compared with other forms of advertising like direct mail and yellow page advertising.

  • No minimum spend
  • Complete control of your paid search budget
  • Reach prospects who are actively looking for your product or service
  • Track effectiveness of every campaign
  • Monthly reporting

One of the reasons that PPC is so effective is because of the timing and relevance of your ad. When potential customers use a search engine (Google) many times they are looking for details on a particular product or service. Your ad will appear next to the organic search results and show the prospect that you have what they are looking for – and just a click away!

By using PPC website advertising you can get immediate exposure to prospects without having to only rely on organic search optimization (although your long term plan should be primarily SEO). Paid search can easily supplement your SEO website marketing activities so that you can increase visibility for key words that are harder to optimize for because of their competitiveness and drive prospects to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising and Marketing Strategies


Being able to identify what works and what doesn't work has been the question of every business owner. In a pay per click advertising campaign, we can tell you which key words and search engines are generating the most revenue for your business. We will track and optimize your pay per click advertising spending and ads so that you get the highest possible ROI and most importantly, the most new business!

There are usually three reasons that a business owner should use pay per click advertising.

  • 1 – generate traffic to your site quickly to generate leads or sales
  • 2 – test new keywords before you choose to invest in SEO
  • 3 – secure top performing keywords to generate more sales

In fact, sometimes business owners will use pay per click advertising for all three reasons as a part of their small business marketing strategies. It also depends on the type of business you have and your average sale and close rate.

In short, your average sale needs to be enough to cover the amount you pay for clicks to get that customer. In many cases, it might take 10 clicks until you get a single paying customer. It’s simple math to see if a pay per click advertising campaign is a good marketing strategy to use.

PPC Management Services for the Small Business Owner


We offer a completely managed pay per click (PPC) website advertising campaign program for the small business owner. This means that you can concentrate on your business and leave the details of PPC to us. We will monitor your campaign and make adjustments as necessary to maximize traffic and leads to your website.

Create custom campaigns

  • We will conduct a review of your website, product or service, your competition, budget and your specific goals for your website.

Develop and maintain key words

  • Key words are one of the most important components to any PPC campaign. We will determine the best key words to include in your campaign and what the best bid rate for them.

Create ad copy

  • Your ad needs to get customers to your website. It needs to be specific so that you only target customers that are looking for your product or service. If you are too general you may get more clicks (and a higher bill) but you won't have many conversions.

Monitor performance

  • Creating a campaign, choosing key words, and creating an ad is not a one time event. Let us keep an eye on your campaign and make adjustments where necessary as well as update your website to improve conversion of the traffic that you are getting.

We can take over an existing pay per click (PPC) Ad Words account or create a new one for you. Our PPC website marketing service includes full management of your pay per click advertising campaign so you don't have to worry about any daily maintenance.