Web Development Firm Serving the Scottsdale Area


Are you looking for a web development firm you can trust with your business’s security and steady function? We at LocalProspects understand how important it is to find a web development firm that:

  • Caters to your unique needs
  • Is affordable
  • Provides deliverables on schedule
  • Can support you and your web-based app in the future

For Scottsdale, AZ businesses, we are here to provide web applications designed with Ruby on Rails, PHP, AngularJS, and more. Don’t know what any of that means? That’s perfectly fine.

We can help even the most unfamiliar of business owners understand how a web app can help streamline and grow their business. Let us assess your needs and standards today; call us to set up a consultation!

App Development for the Scottsdale Business Community


Mobile apps are becoming incredibly popular for on-the-go consumers, but what about for business owners? App development, whether native (online) or mobile (a separate app), can help a Scottsdale business:

  • Improve internal communications
  • Better support their clients and customers
  • Store and share all payroll, HR, and inventory information
  • Keep information and documents secure

There are virtually endless benefits to app development, including decreasing programming costs for other software and processes you had in place before. Best of all, you can work and share important information from anywhere; you’re no longer limited to your Scottsdale office.

Web Application Development in Scottsdale with Ruby on Rails Programming


Have you wondered who makes the best web applications? Web developers who specialize in Ruby on Rails are often sought after because their specialty allows them to:

  • Customize apps for different users
  • Integrate different functions
  • Easily troubleshoot and support the app

Our web application development services include Ruby on Rails programming because we believe it is one of the best programming languages to serve our Scottsdale customers. Not only will you get exactly the look and function from your web app that you expected, but we also can easily add, remove, and update your application in the future.

Ruby on Rails also prevents all types of hosting problems and gives our clients the ability to access a remote server. Even if you’re unfamiliar with anything related to web development, our team can make the web application that fits your business to a T.

See what web applications are doing for businesses just like yours in the Scottsdale area. Call LocalProspects at 480-376-8277 if you want to hear more about our app development services.